Licorice (Liquorice ) root
Liquorice root

Licorice (Liquorice ) root

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Licorice (Liquorice) flavour is found in a wide variety of candies or sweets. Here we are offering licorice root, dried.

The sweetness of liquorice root  is very different from sugar, being less instant, tart, and lasting longer.


  • 1 oz.
  • Packaged in a small zip lock bag.

    Licorice trivia:

    • In the Netherlands, liquorice confectionery (drop) is one of the most popular forms of sweets.
    • Pontefract in Yorkshire was the first place where liquorice mixed with sugar began to be used as a sweet in the same way it is in the modern day.  Pontefract cakes were originally made there.  In County Durham, Yorkshire and Lancashire, it is colloquially known as 'Spanish', supposedly because Spanish monks grew liquorice root at Rievaulx Abbey near Thirsk.
    • In Italy (particularly in the south), Spain and France, liquorice is popular in its natural form. The root of the plant is simply dug up, washed, dried, and chewed as a mouth freshener. Throughout Italy, unsweetened liquorice is consumed in the form of small black pieces made only from 100% pure liquorice extract; the taste is bitter.
    • In Calabria a popular liqueur is made from pure liquorice extract. Liquorice is used in Syria and Egypt, where it is sold as a drink, in shops as well as street vendors.